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New Twitter leaks reveal how Big Tech changed their rules to ban President Trump. Elon Musk calls to prosecute Fauci. Liberty Laura on mom group pressure. Artificial wombs and designer babies spark ethics debate. Sara Higdon on Navy Seal detransitioning.

Austin Petersen discusses Elon Musk and Bari Weiss revealing Twitter’s backend policies of shadowbanning. Austin’s wife Stephanie debuts Family Friday, and discusses “sadfishing” online. Justin Petersen talks about gay marriage bill passing House. Biggest breakthroughs of 2022.

New revelations from the Twitter files Elon Musk dropped show that a lawyer connected to the Steele Dossier was involved in releasing the files. Austin Petersen discusses with Vance Ginn why free markets are good for the working class. Judge Nap on defending your enemy’s rights. Dawn of a new golden era ft. Kevin Demeritt of Lear Capital.

Austin Petersen discusses Elon Musk’s release over the weekend of docs which show collusion between gov’t and Big Tech. Congressman Eric Burlison reacts. Squiggly Line Guy who was named in the docs joins us. Adam Coleman on Dems taking black vote for granted.

Austin Petersen discusses Kanye’s continued descent into madness in an interview with Alex Jones where he defends Hitler and the Nazis. Laura Loomer thinks Milo is behind the attempt to take down Trump. Owen Shroyer of Infowars chimes in.

Austin Petersen is joined by David Whinery, a Jewish man admittedly a member of secret societies… about why he listens to Nick Fuentes. 1 in 5 people hate their jobs. Why Missouri drivers are some of the worst in America ft. Ben Baker.

Austin Petersen talks about Elon Musk’s claims that he will release the history of Twitter’s policy of censorship over conservatives. Ye owes Kim Kardashian child support. Edie Vogel on Ye. Judge Nap on slouching towards NATSOC. David Harsanyi on the left’s double standards.
Austin Petersen talks about Kanye West’s brief appearance on Tim Pool’s show. ft. Jon Miltimore. Camellia Peterson on Kanye West’s remarks.

Austin Petersen talks Kanye’s presidential run. Employee fired for not having fun. Attractive students did worse with remote learning. The “dangers” of seed oils.

Austin Petersen talks about life as a modern mom online. Millennials are kidulting, and so can you! No lectures from the natives without a DNA test this Thanksgiving. Lady climbs a Mayan pyramid. Hilarity ensues. Judge Nap on Trump’s taxes.

Scientists claim red meat is not a health risk. Why Tr*mp can’t use Twitter. Are libertarians house cats? What do you call your in laws? Camellia Peterson on protecting kids. Elon says conspiracy host can’t come back to Twitter ft. Squiggly.

Teen girl calls out dad at his funeral for being a white cis-male Trump supporter ft. Camellia Peterson. Rand Paul blasts FBI over social media collusion. Twitter exodus of employees threatens platform. Weird FTX sex stuff ft. Ash Bennington. Ben Shapiro angry at Repubs who don’t hate teh gheys.
Justin Trudeau would extend euthanasia in Canada to the mentally ill. GOP takes the House of Reps. Gay Marriage might become federal law. Meghan Markle’s fake British accent. Camellia Peterson on book banning.

Donald Trump announced for president in 2024. What are the pros and cons? Jeff Bezos is warning families against making big purchases. Vance Ginn on the economy. Judge Nap’s take on Ukraine missile hitting Poland.
Tony Lovasco on how to win back independents. Is this the end of the middle class? Candace Owens politely places Trump under bus. Tattooing a 10 year old. Camellia Peterson on implementing MJ in MO. JD Tuccille on predicting the MAGA movement’s demise.
Dave Chappelle got himself into hot water after his Saturday Night Live opening monologue on Kanye West. Sam Bankman-Fried crypto empire collapses. 10 most regretted college majors.


Donald Trump goes all in on attacking DeSantis. KFC celebrated Kristillnacht with delicious chicken. The Galactic Trump-public goes full Brutus. Free market is killing Facebook. Colorado legalizes shrooms. International Men’s Day is a feminist holiday?


AP talks about the civil war brewing between MAGA forces in the GOP. Passive aggressive coworkers. Jon Miltimore on the red wave that wasn’t. Colorado legalizes shrooms. 70% of single women voted Democrat ft. Camellia Peterson. The Great MAGA Civil War.


AP breaks down what’s at stake in today’s midterms and the issues driving voters to the polls. Plus, how did AP vote? Camellia Peterson on Missouri’s chance for liberty. Mark McCloskey on the red wave!


AP talks National Guard being deployed to voting locations in his home county. SNL does something funny for once. Corey DeAngeles on where school choice is on the ballot. Scott Faughn on MO’s marijuana moment. Squiggly on Elon Musk’s reign of terror.


Democrats are freaking out Hispanic voters with their gender weirdness. How the media trains journalists to lie. AP talks to Paul Curtman about the upcoming midterms. Angela McCardle, head of the LP on the role 3rd parties will play on Tuesday.


AP talks about Biden’s venom-filled final speech before election day, and why he sounds so desperate. Rand Paul may soon dish out pandemic vengeance. Liberty Laura on how her heroes have fallen. Camellia Peterson on Libertarians supporting Republicans.


Austin Petersen discusses a poll that shows the loss of white suburban voters to the GOP from the Democrats. AP talks about the Libertarian candidate endorsing Republican Blake Masters in Arizona. Tony Lovasco on pandemic amnesty. Judge Nap on banning Tik Tok. Noah Rothman on the rise of right wing comedy.


A writer for the Atlantic penned a piece calling for a general amnesty of wrongs committed during the pandemic. Adam Coleman on his transition from Democrat to conservative. Why libertarians are voting NO on pot legalization in MO. Time traveling to kill baby Hitler with Jon Miltimore.


Paul Pelosi gets beat up by a nudist with a hammer at his San Francisco home. Elon Musk clashes with Hillary Clinton over it. Kamala Harris loves Venn Diagrams. Jeremy Cady on Missouri’s marijuana legalization referendum. Vance Ginn on recession fears. The real danger kids face on Halloween.


AP discusses how mental toughness can backfire. Brad Polumbo on being gay and eating god’s chicken. Camellia Peterson on Elon Musk’s ultimate troll. PI Bex Bullitt on analyzing the motivations of mass k1llers.


AP discusses shooter’s manifesto in St. Louis incident. Hillary becomes a pre-election denier. Jon Miltimore on new federal tax brackets. Twitter employees send list of demands to Elon Musk. Judge Napolitano on the constitutionality of affirmative action. JD Tuccille on whether crime rates are improving or getting worse.


AP talks to Dr. Bob Onder about adding the china virus vaxeen to the schedule for public schools. Sen. Ted Cruz accosted on the view. Kanye cancelled by Adidas. Andrew Handel on kids getting dumber. Hannah Cox on the new Satanic panic. Camellia Peterson on a school shooting in St. Louis. Marlon Wayons on White Chicks and cancel culture.


AP reports on $2.7T verdict against Alex Jones. Bosses spying on employees through webcams. Vance Ginn on bureaucrats trading stocks in companies they oversee. Musk may fire 75% of Twitter employees. Kids suffering education drops from pandemic. Does faking a smile make you happier? Was the Karate Kid movie… too white?



Austin Petersen examines a photograph of men bowing down to women in a weird ritual. Joe Biden taps the strategic petroleum reserves… again. Stacy Abrams says kill your babies to fight inflation. US Military rated as weak, ft. Paul Curtman. Camellia Peterson on MO library rule on explicit material.


Austin Petersen discusses the reversal of quiet quitting: quiet firings. Sydney Watson gets stuck between two obese people on a plane. What would you do? Judge Napolitano on Alex Jones’ verdict. MO Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick on his action to divest Missouri state pensions from Blackrock over their ESG policies.


Austin Petersen discusses Boston scientists inventing a new strain of Covid in a lab. Petersen discusses the ethics behind gain of function research. Who are the most popular politicians in America? Ron Fitzwater on MO’s US senate race. Camellia Peterson on woman escaping from Missouri murderer’s sex dungeon and, is Anime satanic? Salon writer Matt Rozsa discusses whether or not libertarians are autistic.




Paypal received a tremendous backlash after they announced that they would debit $2500 from the accounts of persons they deemed guilty of hate speech, or misinformation. Rodney Smith, AKA Lord Petty, joins Austin Petersen to discuss. Former top White House economist under Trump Vance Ginn talks about the populist assault against liberty. Republican strategist David Whinery talks about Kanye’s comments about Jewish people and cancel culture. Roger Stone’s war against the kangaroo court of the J6 commmittee.


Austin Petersen reacts to Kanye West’s comments on abortion and obesity on Tucker Carlson. Joe Biden’s push to legalize weed. The “shower effect.” Ian Smith on the crisis of American boys. And would you rather your partner cheat emotionally, or physically with Liberty Laura.


Austin Petersen talks about IRS agents stealing from the CARES act money meant for pandemic relief. Fmr Top Trump Economist Vance Ginn on OPEC cutting gas production. Camellia Peterson talks about a case where mocking the police was seen as a criminal act. Austin goes into the details on a new book that claims that American boys are losing in life.


Austin Petersen reacts to the news that Elon Musk will buy Twitter and chronicles the reaction from the left. Petersen talks to Jeremy Cady about how to look for a good candidate to represent you.


Austin Petersen speaks to Camellia Peterson about Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis teaming up in Florida. Edith Vogel joins Austin to discuss why vegetarians are more depressed, Kanye West, and what’s your most liberal or conservative position?


Austin Petersen analyzes Bill Maher’s weekend rant on the war against office romance. Petersen digs into a survey of young adults and their reported feelings of loneliness and mental health. Data journalist Rich Baris on why only 18% of people polled support the FBI. Judge Nap on the firing of Peter Strzok. LNC Chair Angela McCardle on the war on liberty. Austin begins a new liberty series, the History of the Evils of Government: Ugly Laws.


Austin Petersen and Camellia Peterson discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. How to spot a RINO. MO Attorney General sues Biden over student loan debt forgiveness. Ben Shapiro outraged over Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute. Jordan Peterson proclaimed King of the Incels by Olivia Wilde.


Austin Petersen tracks Hurricane Ian as it batters Florida. Climate Scam trends on twitter. Neetu Arnold says forgiving student loans isn’t the way to go. Camellia Peterson goes off on nanny statists who want to ban texting while driving in MO. Big Brain Time with JD Tuccille on Biden lying about guns again.


Austin Petersen covers Hurricane Ian and some of the deadliest storms in US history. A couple found a magical multiple machine gun surprise in a box they bought. The feds didn’t like that. Jon Miltimore from FEE talks with Austin about how to make money. Austin says something nice about Mark Zuckerberg. Judge Nap’s take on Edward Snowden going full Russian. Terrible t-shirts from the 90’s. Guys won’t approach women for fear of being labeled creepy.


Austin Petersen talks to MO State Rep Tony Lovasco about the push to repeal sales taxes on diapers and feminine hygiene products. Austin talks about people opting out of work and living a cyber bohemian lifestyle. Camellia Peterson talks to Austin about STD rates, drunk driving, and other mayhem Americans have been engaging in post pandemic. Matt Welch of Reason magazine talks to Austin Petersen about why political grifting won’t stop.



Austin Petersen breaks down Bill Maher’s latest rant skewering left and right for hating America. Does he have a point? Former Trump Chief Economist Vance Ginn on stock market crashing and the fed threatening to raise unemployment. Tahmineh Dehbozorgi on the violent protests in Iran. Justin Petersen on the Canadian shop teacher with huge (tracts of land) causing outrage amongst parents.



Austin Petersen talks to Edie Vogel about Klaus Schwab and the push for international socialism. Stacey Abrams says babies don’t have heartbeats. FBI removing agents from child predator cases for political cases. Thomas Massie calls out J6 hypocrisy on Ray Epps. Stupid things that have a large fan base. 8 Things You Can’t Do in the Metaverse.



Austin Petersen speaks to Jeremy Cady about a tax cut in Missouri. Big Tech is losing money like crazy. What’s behind their fall? Camellia Peterson and Austin discuss. Anthony Rogers joins the Wake Up America Show to talk about why modern movies suck.


Austin Petersen talks about Robert Reich’s claims that independent state legislatures would mean the end of Democracy with special guest Dustin Hill. Marijuana inches closer to legalization in Missouri. Trans activist Sara Higdon discusses why an account called Gays Against Groomers lost access to their payment systems. Judge Napolitano gives his take on Fl Gov Desantis sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and the latest on the FBI Trump raid. Vance Ginn, fmr Chief economist at the White House gives his take on the dismal state of the US Economy.


Austin Petersen talks about the dismal state of the US economy and whether it means the end of the American Dream. Are teachers actually underpaid? Spike Cohen to discuss the Yeshiva University LGBT case and the trend of conservatives declaring war on libertarians. Camellia Peterson discusses why libertarianism was trending on twitter. Big Brain time with JD Tucille to talk about the prepper mindset.



Austin Petersen speaks to Mark McCloskey about liberals calling the military on migrants in Martha’s Vineyard. McCloskey also goes into the details on the ATF’s proposed “amnesty” for pistol braces. Petersen and Spike Cohen discuss Yeshiva University’s case that SCOTUS refused regarding the founding of a LGBT club. Bill Maher goes after woke leftists’ historical ignorance. Bill Clinton responds to the rise of populism. Jack Hunter and Austin Petersen talk about Alex Jones and Steven Crowder’s anti-libertarianism.




Austin Petersen talks to Brad Polumbo about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shipping illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Jon Miltimore talks about why Rambo: First Blood is a great film that foreshadows the problem with policing in America. Stephanie Petersen and Austin discuss the new season of Cobra Kai. What’s something that absolutely disgusts you? George Petersen talks about life as a French Bulldog, and how to find one just like him.




Austin Petersen speaks to Camellia Peterson about the backlash to Disney’s black Little Mermaid. MO State Rep Tony Lovasco on the tax cut that wasn’t. USMC Vet Paul Curtman on the push to remove Confederate monuments at Arlington National Cemetary. Will Duffield from the Cato Institute on how govt bullies Big Tech into cracking down on speech. What’s the most American thing ever? All that and more on the Wake up America show with Austin Petersen!




Austin Petersen talks to Edie Vogel about Joe Biden celebrating the inflation reduction act while the stock market was crashing. People sign a petition for free college but refuse to donate their own money for it. Judge Napolitano says you should use cash to buy firearms from now on. Telling teenagers things they don’t want to hear. A caller talks about secular morality, or being good without God; and what it’s like to be a non-religious right winger. 



Millennials reportedly want to live a “soft life.” Is that so terrible? Austin Petersen and Camellia Peterson tackle the news of the day. Quiet quitting. Missouri intrigue. Conservative gay weddings. And Justin Petersen to discuss the political compass and where’s he’s at on it. All that and more on the Wake up America Show with Austin Petersen.



Austin Petersen talks to newly announced Missouri gubernatorial candidate state senator Bill Eigel about his campaign. AP Gets another 60 days in the social media gulag. Eapen Thampy is for marijuana legalization but won’t vote for it on the ballot. Hal Dulle talks about the death of a Hollywood actress whose career was back benched when her name appeared on the blacklist during the Red Scare of the 1950’s.  All that and more on this episode of the Wake Up America Show with Austin Petersen

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4th Episode



On the Wake up America Show with Austin Petersen, Austin discusses the death of Queen Elizabeth. Anang Mittal joins Austin to discuss the previous British mandate over India and its legacy. Maxim Lott talks about uncomfortable facts from pandemic data. Scott Faughn joins Austin to talk about the upcoming special session in Missouri. Justin Petersen talks to Austin about cultural Marxism in the arts, and the meaningless standing ovation.

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3rd Episode 9/8/22

On the Wake Up America Show, Austin Petersen discusses the trends towards negativity on the future of Western society. Chris Spangle discusses a major radio network pulling sponsorship of a conference that apologized for inviting Ben Shapiro. Camellia Peterson talks to Austin about a Missouri pastor who scolded his congregation for not buying him an expensive watch. All that and more on the Wake Up America Show!

Audio only 3rd episode

2nd Episode 9/7/22

State Rep Tony Lovasco joins Austin Petersen to discuss the possibility of a tax cut in Missouri. Edith Vogel chats about actress Jennifer Lawrence having recurring dreams about Tucker Carlson, and ostracizing family over political beliefs. Judge Andrew Napolitano on the right to be left alone.


Audio Only 2nd Episode

World Premiere 9/6/22

Austin Petersen debuts his new program the Wake up America Show! Petersen is joined by Camellia Peterson to discuss young people being more interested in being influencers than astronauts. And Stephanie Petersen, Austin’s wife, discusses mental health challenges young people are suffering through. Magic Mushrooms, Trump’s FBI raid, and the future of liberty are all discussed on this awesome two part debut of the Wake up America Show with Austin Petersen!

Audio only World Premiere Show